Pushbikes was formed in 1979. I was a founder member and have been a member continously since then.

In those days Birmingham (and West Midlands) council didn’t consider cyclists in road schemes. We have managed to change this: but there is still much concern about the lack of provision for cyclists and of the usefulness of that that is provided. Some cyclists (or potential cyclists) say there should be more off-road tracks, others say that these are often circutious and a waste of money; some argue that existing roads are a comprehensive network of routes and more should be done to make them more cycle-friendly and drivers should be compelled to respect cyclists.

Push Bikes discusses cycling issues with Birmingham City Council via the Council’s  Cycling Advisory Group.

If you cycle, or would like to cycle in Birmingham, do join PushBikes
click for application form and support us in our campaign for better facilities (and join in our leisure activities).

If you see a pothole, or other sreet defect, in Bimingham – don’t just grumble: report it. (The council can’t be expected find all defects themselves; they are obliged to promply correct any dangerous defect they know about.

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Choosing a bike
what is a ‘Mountain Bike’?
what is a ‘Touring Bike’?

Find out about frame sizes, tyres, gears, basic repairs (punctures) and brake adjustments.

Advice for safer road cycling – try taking the bike for those short trips?

Cycle training for children – what’s in the ‘Bikeability’ course?

Using road features provided for cyclists – cycle paths, cycle lanes, Advanced Stop Lines, contra-flow systems.

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