About this website

The main purpose of the website is so people can find out about me and my interests. I hope that someone searching for one of my interests will find it and it act as publicity for that interest, I also hope that someone looking up one interest might discover another one.

I’d long thought of having a personal website but didn’t know how to go about it. Fortunately my daughter married a website expert who helped me. He is Karl Binder MD of  “The Adhere Creative”

The website was started at the beginning of 2005 but wasn’t launched until the end of that year.

The website went off-line at the end of 2014 because the programme it was written in was no-longer supported.
It was re-written in WordPress during 2015.

Several people have been given access to the friends and family areas. Contact me if you want access.
There is also an account for IVC members to view certain private information about IVC.

To see updates to this website see recent changes

If you notice any typos, broken links, or other mistakes then please contact me