The archives contain almost every copy of the following since BIVC started in 1954:
Minutes of general meetings
Annual accounts and reports
Committee minutes
Various events and weekend attendance lists
a chronological list of members 1954 – 91
plus many other papers

Below are various .pdf files of  historical information about BIVC.
Has IVC changed over the years?
Committee members since 1981
Presidentship and chairs
Wednesday meeting places
IVC’s letter box from Barwick Street
Weekends  from 1994 – by date
Weekends from 1994 – by where
Weekends from 1994 – by organiser
Weekends 1972 – 93
New Year weekends
Joining procedure in 1958
History of AIVC
The IVC farmhouse / bunkhouse (Llwyn-on Isaf)

There are more files for members only.
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