Brother David

Two years younger than me
Married with two adult sons Lee and Martin.
Lives near Watford. Now divorced.
Worked in computing now
Became Grandfather April 06

Sister Gillian

Met her husband Larry Myerscough in IVC.
Has 3 children: Colin, Keith and Yolanda.
Lives in Eindhoven, Netherlands
Co-director in Larry’s small computer programming business.
Plays clarinet in various folk bands, tenor saxophone in a big band.

Sister Elaine

Met her husband David Horner in IVC.
Both then in computing.
Has 2 children, Annadel and Craig.
Lives in Fleet, Hampshire.
Now she’s a Learning Support Assistant.

Sister Jennifer

6 years younger than me
Met her husband Ian White at work
Kept her maiden name
Lives in Macclesfield, Cheshire
Both work in computing