Irritations when dancing

The following irritate or puzzle meĀ about dances/dancers

Other dancers who avoid eye contact.

People who don’t listen to the start of the walk-through (so their set misses the first moves and the whole room has to wait whilst the caller gives them another one);.

People who don’t give weight in turns or swings.

People who don’t hold hands in a star.

Callers who call for the men only (“swing the one below”, “your corner is on the left”, “put your partner on the right”: even women callers do this).

People who show off by being ahead of the caller during the walk-through (this can confuse the caller and doesn’t help the dancers who are trying to relate what is happening to what the the caller is saying).

People who are ahead of the music and “help” me when I’m just waiting for the start of the next phrase.

Can you suggest some more?