A dance I have written


40 bars AB AB B

(32 bars followed by a balance & swing)

A contra-style contra by John Pitcock 2005

I’ve named this dance chainmakers because there’s lots of chains in it and I come from the black-country – famous for chainmaking. I wrote this dance because I believe in equality.
ones improper.

(Abbreviated version, walk-through version below)

Face other couple

1-3    ½ Ladies chain (starting with r.h.)
4-7    ½ Mans chain (starting with l.h.)
Face other couple

8-11    Mad Robin partner
12-15  Those on callers L side of set: short swing,
all face across

16-19   ½ R person’s chain (starting with r.h.)
20-23   ½ L person’s chain (starting with l.h.)
Face across set

24-27   Mad Robin the  one to your side
28-31   Those on callers L side of set: short swing
all face across

32-40   Balance and Swing

Face next couple


Detailed walk through version

First couple improper

There’s only three sorts of moves in this dance:
Chains like ladies’ chains… but different
Dis-y-dos.. but with a difference
And normal swings

Face other couple
ones are nearest the caller,
twos face the caller

Ladies chain half way.

Don’t move yet but what you are going to do is in effect a mans chain but men have a problem with this. So walk it through slowly with me.

The men are going to do a mirror image of what the women just did.
As you are starting on the L give the other man your L hand and cross to the other woman R hand turn with the other woman with a curtesy turn  (the men have their L hand on their hip and the women help them round, turning to their right), so the men have changed places.

Now, keep facing up and down the set.

The next move is called a mad robbin or sliding doors or sideways dos-y-do.
Smile at the person facing you.
Keeping eye-contact with the person facing you without turning at all Sideways dos-y-do partner.
Men were coming forwards out of the chain so they go in front and R, women back and L (circulating clockwise, as in a normal dos-y-do)
finishing back where you started that move.

First man and second woman hands up (should all be on caller’s left)
short swing,

others face them, finishing facing across, man on the left as usual after a swing
you should be facing someone of the same sex

You are going to do chains across the set.
Again walk through the next figure with me as the men might get confused
you’re going to do a ½ Right person’s chain
All face across
The person on the R give R hand to your partner,
pull past then the L hand to the opposite person R hand on your hip
and go round to the R and then behind them they turn to their L and help them round

now the other couple are going to change places with their partner
by ½ L person’s chain (starting with L.h.)

Again walk through the next figure with me
Face across, Give the L hand to your partner
then the R hand to the oposite person of the same sex, L hand on hip
and go to to the L and behind the other person
they turn to their R and help them round

Now, keeping facing across Keeping eye-contact with the person facing you
without turning round Mad Robin (Sideways dos-y-do) the person to your side going clockwise around them

Second man and first woman hands up (should all be on caller’s left)
short swing,

All face across to face partner

All balance and Swing partner (longer swing)

Face next couple in original dierection woman on right


Copyright John Pitcock

I’m happy for you to print this dance to call it (please credit it as mine)

but it must not be published without my permision.