I am interested in folk: mainly dance, but also music, song and festivals.

Folk Dancing

I first folk danced when IVC started holding ceilidh style dances for its members in 1974. These used to attract up to 100 people monthly on Saturdays at its own premises up two storeys of concrete stairs in Barwick Street Birmingham city centre.

IVC then started fortnightly dances on a Friday.
These went independent as Friday Folk in 2003. (See Friday Folk)
I am the publicity officer
For details, programme etc. click here

Since 2004 I have been a member of SELPAR international Folk Dance Club Stirchley, Tuesdays, see

Here is a video of our New Year’s Eve demonstration at Friday Folk
When Selpar is having a break I sometimes go to Rubery Barn Dance Club which meets on Tuesday evenings 8-10pm at Rubery Leisure Centre, Holywell lane, Rubery, Birmingham.

My wife and I have also been fairly regular attendees at the following dances:
Sychampton  Saturday dances
Maggots and More, Acocks Green, monthly, Sundays.
Brummie Contras
And used to go to Friendly Folk, Solihull. weekly, Mondays;

When the monthly dances coincide it is possible to go dancing on six consecutive days.

I have done the following folk dance styles: Scottish, French, Breton, Irish, Morris, East European, Rapper Sword, American (contra, square, running set and line dance), Maypole; I have also been to workshops at festivals led by groups from many countries.

As an advanced driver I have notices that good dancing is like good driving
See dancing is like driving

There are things that irritate me. See Irritations

Friday Folk

See Friday Folk

Folk music and song

I started going to folk clubs whilst a student. I went to The Royal Hotel Walsall and The Jug of Punch, Digbeth, Birmingham (home of The Cambells).

Folk Festivals

See Folk Festival