They met at a dance on Boxing Day 1941 in Poringland Village hall, a corrugated shed (which, much to mother’s surprise, was still standing in 2005)



Was black-country born & brought up, was a glider pilot in the war (he didn’t talk about it) for his whole career he was an insurance claims clerk for the same company.

He was a keen Bridge player,
He was on the committee of Walsall Rabllers.

He was severely injured in a cycling accident age 72 – sustaining hip and skull fractures, which left him with speech and other difficulties.

He died age 81 from a lung infection after a tumble on a ramble broke a vertebra paralysing him (it was already crumbling, unknown to him)



Was born and brought up in the area around Norwich.

She was trained as a nurse but most of her life was a full time mother to five children.

She developed Altzheimer’s and moved into Madelaine House in Stetchford in 2008. The house we were all born in was then sold (208 Walstead Road Walsall).

She died on 10th July 2011 age 89 after a short illness caused by a previously hidden cancer.
She will be missed by her children  John, David, Gillian, Elaine and Jennifer
and her eight grandchildren and three greatgrandchildren.